hi everybody. long time no see.

we took quite a hiatus. first there was erics little babby to welcome to the world.

then we got stuck with our ambitious game < DoD - Dungeons of Duelity >

we had to understand that it would not be fun enough if we did not increase its scale.

but honestly, we don't have the resources to blow it up any more.


speaking of resources: we got less now. one of the felixes had to leave us.

between his day job and his family there was just not enough time.

we wish him all the best and may he and his loved ones live long and prosper.


so now eric and me are picking up the pieces and trying to salvage what we can from our prototypes. since felix was responsible for all the backend stuff, we have to wave goodbye to multiplayer concepts for now. so basically none of our experiments work anymore...

stay tuned though, we think we found a solution...

The Game Krauts

Game Krauts is a two (ger-)man team with the dream to create games.




felix bienemann
has a degree in multimedia design. supposed to be a pixelpusher he is now mainly responsible for coding. he is mostly fiddling around with Unity and GameMaker and is recently trying to get into the depths of the Unreal Engine.


eric meier
has a degree in multimedia design. a brute force of nature when it comes to 3D modelling and animation. chief pixelpusher of the crew. hell of an illustrator, too. everything graphical you will see has been through his hands.

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